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Psychotic-Phobia: Episode Transcripts

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Contact / About
CSI: Miami

Psychotic-Phobia: Episode Transcripts is owned and transcribed by Shane Saunders, 2005.  All shows transcribed are for educational/entertainment purposes only.
If you would like to place my transcripts on your website, please read the following information on the terms and conditions of arhciving:

(1)Transcripts are Not to be altered. (2) Leave headers/disclaimers intact because it lists all those who have made this transcript possible for your enjoyment. (3) Provide a link back to the site where this file originated:   after you have received permission from Shane Saunders.


To contact me, you can email me at: Please be patient for a return email, as I get to every email as fast I can.

Also episode details, such as listed on the home page of this site, where it gives details of the episodes, are courtesy of  The Futon Critic


Currently Transcribing:
CSI: Miami (Season 4)
CSI: NY (Season 2)
NCIS (Season 3)
Close to Home (One Post-Special)
Night Stalker (One Post- Special)

All transcipts are for entertainment/educational purposes only. They are absoultely forbidden for commercial/selling purposes.
This site has been open since November 09, 2005