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CSI: Miami

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CSI: Miami

All CSI: Miami Season 3 - 4 Transcripts are done by this site's webmaster, Shane Saunders and are in no way intended for copyright infrigment. These transcripts are not official scripts, as they are transcripts, which means it's a rough cut script.

Season Three Transcripts:
  • 3X01: Lost Son
  • 3X02: Pro Per
  • 3X03: Under the Influence
  • 3X04: Murder in a Flash
  • 3X05: Legal
  • 3X06: Hell Night
  • 3X07: Crime Wave
  • 3X08: Speed Kills
  • 3X09: Pirated
  • 3X10: After the Fall
  • 3X11: Addiction
  • 3X12: Shootout
  • 3X13: Cop Killer
  • 3X14: One Night Stand
  • 3X15: Identity
  • 3X16: Nothing to Lose
  • 3X17: Money Plane
  • 3X18: Game Over
  • 3X19: Sex and Taxes
  • 3X20: Killer Date
  • 3X21: Recoil
  • 3X22: Vengeance
  • 3X23: Whacked
  • 3X24: 10 - 7

Season Four Transcripts:

  • 4X01: From the Grave
  • 4X02: Blood in the Water
  • 4X03: Prey
  • 4X04: 48 Hours to Life
  • 4X05: Three - Way
  • 4X06: Under Suspicion
  • 4X07: Felony Flight (NY/Miami cross-over)
  • 4X08: Urban Hellraisers
  • 4X09: Nailed

All transcipts are for entertainment/educational purposes only. They are absoultely forbidden for commercial/selling purposes.
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